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Director of Operations

Oversees and directs Supported Living program operations providing supported living services to
individuals with developmental disabilities. Provides supervision for all Supported Living program staff
which includes but is not limited to Program Managers, Program Coordinators, Finance Managers, and

Director of Operations' duties are:

  • Quality of Services and Home Environments - Routinely spends time in the homes interacting with supported individuals and Direct Support Professionals to gather input and feedback on how services are going. Completes observations to ensure that services are occurring in alignment with the company mission and values as well as the residential service guidelines.

  • Documentation and Case Management Records - Ensures on-going implementation and maintenance of electronic health records systems. Routinely monitors compliance reports and takes action as needed to maintain high levels of compliance.

  • Compliance with Policies/Regulations - Maintains knowledge of and ensures compliance with internal company policies and external state/federal regulations. Maintains knowledge of supported living services and trends.

  • Leadership/Supervision - Is accountable for Supported Living program operations. Provides supervision and direction for Program Managers, Program Coordinators, and other administrative staff.

  • Provides indirect supervision for Direct Support Professionals. Takes steps to ensure that quality services occurring in alignment with the company mission and values. Schedules, prepares agenda, and facilitates routine management team meetings.

  • Fiscal Responsibility/Strategic Planning/Networking/ Marketing - Provides fiscal oversight for the program and ensures that the program operates within the established budget. Makes financially responsible decisions. Actively manages staffing and non-staff costs.

  • Recruitment/Selection/Retention/Performance Management - Participates in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of program personnel. Ensures accurate maintenance of the recruiting database. Provides routine feedback to employees. Holds employees accountable and actively manages performance issues in a timely manner.

  • Positive Relationships - Maintains positive relationships with supported individuals, parents, guardians, families, case managers, state customers/payors, and other customers and community members.

  • Proactively seeks input and feedback from all customers and stakeholders. Ensures customer concerns/complaints are addressed and resolved timely.

  • Reporting - Reviews and/or completes required weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reports for accounting and operations (e.g. financial statements, staffing hours, overtime and payroll reports, unpaid items, open position reports, due dates, and authorizations).

  • Training - Monitors training reports for all personnel within the program to ensure training requirements are completed within designated timelines. Coordinates/collaborates with local training personnel to ensure staff training needs are met and staff are competent and equipped to complete their jobs.

  • Coordinates/provides job specific training for Program Managers and Program Coordinators.

  • Quality Assurance/State Surveys - Ensures the program and employees are prepared for internal and external surveys. Participates in entrance and exit meetings. Actively interacts with internal and external surveyors during the survey process.