Financial Manager

Our financial manager is to provide financial services, including client and company accounting, some reception and some secretarial services.

Financial manager duties are:

  • Maintaining Accounts

    • Manages all interactions, practice, and policies of financial services account reconccillation

    • Ensures the balance of each client and keep a credit log

    • Obtain check request and transfer to hand or ensure that checkbooks are stored

    • Deposit work checks and other income checks

    • Report any change of circumstances in individual's finances

    • Maintain communication with the DRC and Social Security Administration and other related agencies​​​

  • Reporting

    • Provide assistance in developing a financial management ​

    • Notifying the Program Manager

    • Report separate account balances

    • File and store receipts

  • RecordKeeping

    • Maintain check request files​ 

    • File copies of income checks and archive canceled checks

    • Maintain up to date admit and discharge record

    • Maintain a current resident list and current guardian list

  • Coordination

    • Maintain regular communication with supervisor​

    • Attend management team meetings

    • Assist with the process of completing income tax

    • Orient ne management staff

    • Provide records and other information for internal participant