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Program Coordinator

Our Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the development and implementation of the individual treatment or support plans, for admission through discharge and follow-up. Our coordinator also cares, supports, and other appointment/service, and is responsible for regular contact with families and as well as ongoing progress reports, service documentation, data collection an analysis and healthcare documentation.

Program coordinator's duties are:

  • Quality Services / Oversight of Service Delivery

    • Maintains positive rapport and respectful relationships​

    • Reviews functional assessments and spend time regularly with individuals

    • Attends treatment team planning meetings and utilizing a person centered approach

    • Ensures all plan due dates and monitors and tracks progress on goals and objective

    • Assess adaptive equipment needs and provides training for all staff​​

  • Healthcare and Medications​

    • Maintains awareness and work with program manager to facilitate scheduling​

    • Attends healthcare appointments and maintains good working relationships

    • Ensure medications are ordered and delivered

    • Ensure special diets are maintained  and assure assistive devices maintained for the supported individuals.

  • Staff Meetings, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Outside Agency Relationships​

    • Works with the Program Manager and attend and participate in all staff meeting​

    • Interact positively and maintain positive relationships with individuals and follow all regulatory