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Enchaning Life, Excelling in Care -Tancell Care

Enhancing LIFE.

Excelling in CARE.

The Journey Starts from the Heart

Tancell Care was incorporated in 2018. We serve individuals with developmental disabilities under our Supported Living Programs and individuals with behavioral health issues in our outpatient setting. We provide a cluster of personalized services for the following areas which include, but not limited to; problem solving, self care, health and safety, social skills, community integration, home maintenance, food and nutrition, behavioral support and treatment, nursing, crisis management and prevention, money management, leisure activities and accessing community resources.

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Our Residential Programs, also known as Supported Living Arrangement provides person-centered and individualized care in a residential setting.


In-Home Service (Intermittent SLA) supports in one on one assistance and assures the professional help, and person-centered care for participants.


Our Outpatient Mental Health Program is designed to provide services and treatment that are tailored to the clients individual needs, values and overall well-being. 


Visit our Career page to learn more about becoming a DSP and join the Tancell Care family

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