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About Us


Tancell Care serves individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health issues in Southern & Northern Nevada through their services and programs. Tancell Care was incorporated in 2018 by founding members Louie and William Tandiono-Cellona. Both of them believe that all of their experiences, skills, and education has lead them to bring Tancell Care to life and were both inspired by their younger sister, "Ladyann."


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Tancell Care operates supportive living arrangements as well as programs that serves people with developmental disabilities living in their own residences. We define developmental disabilities as any significant disability arising before adulthood and which is expected to continue throughout the person’s lifetime. There are many conditions that meet this broad definition, including, Autism, Aspergers, Down syndrome, to name a few. Personalized support focuses on the goals in each participant can include assistance in any or all of the following areas: problem solving, self care, health and safety, social skills, community integration, home maintenance, food and nutrition, shopping, money management, leisure activities and accessing community resources.



Our mission is to deliver excellence in service and individualized care for individuals with intellectual disabilities, while enhancing their overall quality of life. We strive to empower the lives of our participants, their families and support systems and promote all-around equality. Our priority is for our participants to gain the independence and skills needed to open doors and opportunities that create a positive impact in the community. 

Our Commitment to CARE

WE CARE about the quality of services that are being provided to the individuals that we support.

WE CARE about our partners and the relationships we build are based on trust and integrity.

WE CARE about the quality and development of the professionals that we hire. 

WE CARE about our commitments to our stakeholders in both heart and mind.

WE CARE about the integrity of our business practices. 

WE CARE about the outcomes of the services that we provide, and the progress and growth of the individuals that we serve. 

We are committed to growth, constant improvement, and expanding access to care for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Who We Serve

  • Behavioral Disorders

  • Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

  • Dual-Diagnosis

  • Medical Challenges

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Children, Adults, and their families

  • To name a few...