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At Tancell Care, we provide adults and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities a house that they can call home. Our dedicated and passionate staffs are available 24/7 to ensure that our participants’ needs are being met while promoting independence.
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We provide individuals a safe and comfortable home that includes:

  • Outdoor Space
  • Personalized Bedrooms
  • Fully Furnished Bathrooms
  • State of the Art Kitchen
  • Individual Room TV
  • Modern Furnished Living Room
  • Medical Support & Medication Management
  • Nursing & Behavioral Supports
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Nutrition & Dietary
  • Goal Setting
  • Develop support network
  • Activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Programs to achieve their personal goals

Personalized Support, Service, and Individualized Service Plans

In our community-based residences also known as ISLA, our team of Direct Support Professionals will be hands-on in providing quality and personalized services to each individual while enabling them to maximize their ability to become independent and achieve their personal goals.

Our personalized support is catered based on the needs and interest of the individual. Our service scope includes assisting individuals on the following but not limited to:

  • Meal prepping
  • Community Inclusion
  • Money management
  • Safety & survival skills
  • Developing interpersonal & Social Skills
  • Crisis Prevention & Intervention

Levels of Residential Care

  • 24-hour Supportive Living Arrangement
  • Transitional Supported Living Arrangement
  • We believe that no one is the same and that each individual has their own identity that makes them unique. When we start on-boarding a new participant into one of our homes, we value the time we have with the participant in getting to know them and understand their interest, needs, values, and wants. Our highly trained team of direct support professionals with the help of other human services staff will then be able to develop an effective and personalized Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) and assist them in achieving their personal goals while supporting their growth in becoming independent.
  • We ensure that participants served have the opportunity to exercise their rights and that no participant’s rights are abridged without benefit of legal representation and due process. Tancell Care ensures the safety and the well-being of the participants served, staff and company property. Our quality assurance team provides consistent and ongoing monitoring of the overall quality of services to the participants served, house & environmental safety and compliance with state/federal guidelines.